The SpringLock Roller Blind System were developed to provide excellent performance over a wide range of window blind sizes, fabric weights and fabric thickness. The manufacturing process does not involve the use of adhesives or sewing and always produces a clean and professional finish to the blind.

The two systems are designed for progressively larger and heavier blinds and the diameters of the sprockets for the control chains increase accordingly to enable larger blinds to be operated with the minimum physical effort. Each system is offered with a choice of metal or plastic control chain, blind specifiers have a choice of complementary systems when considering any commercial project.

SpringLock roller tubes and bottom bars are designed with patented longitudinal fabric fixing slots of varying widths. The manufacturing method used ensures that the fabric will remain firmly attached to the roller and will not become detached in normal use. The varying widths of the slots allow fabrics of various thickness to be accommodated easily. An added benefit of the slots is that they increase the rigidity of the tubes, enabling blinds to span wider openings without the risk of the tubes ‘whipping’ when the blind is operated. The same fabric location method is used for fixing the fabric to the bottom bar eradicating the possibility of loose fabric, producing a clean and professional to the blind.

The safety - first end cap locking system prevents the blind from coming out of its brackets if the blind is operated incorrectly. These end sets have mounting brackets which are truly 'universal'. They can be top face or side fixed and can be used for blinds with left hand or right hand controls. The ease of instantly switching end sets from one end of the roller to the other is an added benefit, plus the problems of having blinds supplied with the controls on the wrong side, or with the wrong brackets, are overcome.

Through vigorous testing we have established maximum recommended operating weights for each of our SpringLock systems. They provide a range which can handle the vast majority of applications. This allows specifiers the opportunity to choose the most suitable fabric weights and blind sizes without having to worry about system limitations.


• Integrated range of units to suit all applications.

• Patented safety - first end cap locking system.

• Spring loaded plunger for ease of installation.

• Option of metal or plastic operating chain.

• Universal fixing bracket colour keyed to the operating units.

• No sew no glue fabric location method.

• Choice of extruded aluminum bottom bar, exposed or concealed.

• Fully detailed performance information.

• Ultra smooth operation.


SpringLock systems 32 and 45 are suitable for use in any roller blind installation where reliability, operator ease of use and minimum maintenance are essential.

The integrated design features of SpringLock systems 32 and 45 make them particularly suitable for projects featuring a variety of window sizes used in differing applications. A cassette spring unit is also available foe system 32 applications where this is considered more appropriate.


A wide selection of fabric is available including Transparent, Dimout, Blackout, Sun Screen, PVC free etc. These fabrics are highly in technical, having solar optical properties such as control over light, heat and uv etc. These fabrics are certified for maintaining indoor air quality, creates a healthy environment.

We do have fabrics with Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties, highly recommended for Patient Rooms and Educational Institutions. The fabrics are flame retardant as well and comply with some or all of the following standards. NFPA 701-99, M1, BS, FR, B1 etc.


Side control Roller Blind systems are made in corrosion resistant materials, mostly with plastic, aluminum and steel and are expected to prevent any problems if used under normal circumstances in noncorrosive environments. The methods of construction minimize damage caused by operator misuse. Any damage which may occur can normally be rectified easily on site.


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