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Royal Blinds Curtains are tailor-made and are available in manual and motorized option for various projects such as hotels, hospitals and corporate. The curtains have extruded aluminum tracks, unique featured Fabrics of high quality

Comfort Means the Utmost Service for the User

The different variations offer a lot of possibilities how to divide the curtain. You may choose between a one part curtains with stack at the left side or at the right side, curtains in two parts or even with several parts, closing in the middle or aside – everything is possible. With the curtain track system, you will   find a perfect solution for any situation at site. The system is also available with bent rails with a bend radius of only 350 mm.

Our curtain tracks are going further and exceed normal limits of curtain tracks easily. With our system 5060 curtains up to a length of 21 m and a weight up to 90 kg are smoothly and silently moved by the electric drives. But also curtain tracks with manual operation and ball chain achieve a length up to 7 m and a weight up to 20 kg – easy comfort in every situation! The traction is done by a highly flexible punched/toothed belt, free of stretching and fitted with a special coating which guarantees a very smooth and wear-resistant gliding even in curved rails. The transport of the curtain is done by a very solid, stainless steel traverse joint which is large enough to guarantee an optimal overlap of the curtains. Runners with steel axle carry and track even heavy curtains with the greatest of ease.


The Optimized motor power leads to an optimized expoitation in proportion to the size of curtain. The power graduation of our low noise synchronous motors with either 30, 45 or 65 watt offers the adequate drive for every kind of curtain. Speed versions of the motors with a low velocity of 190mm per second reduces the tracking time especially in case of long lengths of curtains and are thus another asset of this perfect system.


Width 32 mm, height 26 mm, made of extruded aluminum AlMgSi 0.5 F22 technically anodized as per E6/EV1 or white powder coated according to RAL 9010 plastic parts either white or grey

Transportation tape

Punched /Ttoothed belt with special contour and coating, constant length and resistant to wear very smooth and calm run

Drive runner

Drive runner wear-resistant plastic slides special steel traverse joint, safety clip, curtain overlap 180 mm


Rollers with turn able grommets and galvanized steel axle special running wheels guarantee a smooth run per rm of rail 10 rollers with clamping hook


Easy and quick mounting with locking bolt wall mounting with adjustable mounting angles

Manual operation per endless bead chain,

Simply attachable to the rail gear by bayonet joint and electro control via pushbutton switch or radio remote control or more



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