We are proud to be associated with ShadeLAB from Italy who are a center of excellence where design, architecture, engineering and communication professionals have adopted innovative ideas and criteria that will change the world of the sun protection awning forever. In a dynamic and stimulating environment, the ShadeLAB team studies and develops projects that re-design systems and components for sun shading. Thanks to a strategic collaboration with a significant Italian design and architecture firm, Shadelab has created new objects for the outdoor décor, dressing the most advanced technology for sun shading with a unique style. Our aim is to produce integrated solutions for the outdoor wellness and not mere furnishing objects. Become accustomed to looking at awnings from a different point of view: the design perspective.

For ShadeLAB innovation also involves careful management of customer service. In pre-sales by offering solutions, integrating projects and customizing awnings to every application. In the after sales, supported by a 5 year guarantee on all products and qualified technical assistance. Communication is innovation; together with professionals in this field, they are able to propose customized marketing solutions for clients, investing daily in new communication tools, both commercial and technical.

Winner of the 2010 Red dot design award, SHAN is the state-of-the-art architecture awnings.